How To Play

  1. Get your friends together! Max team size varies by bar, be sure to check the page for the bar where you’re playing. .
  2. Pick a team name! Choose something fun.
  3. Be there on time! Show up 15 minutes early to get your table and your drinks.
  4. Answer the questions! Write down your answers on the provided sheets.
  5. See how you did! Orange Trivia provides stats the day after each game we play.

Hot Tips:

  • The game is 8 rounds long. Most rounds will be worth 8 points, but at 2 will be worth 16 points. 
  • Check out our social media posts and email list to get up to 2 free answers for each game! 
  • If you think you did especially well on a round, circle the hammer on your answer sheet! You’ll score double points for that round. But be careful: you can only use it once per night, and only on an eight point round.
Photo: Emma Bauso